New information that came out today is painting a dismal picture when it comes to education. I get more hate mail on this topic about how we are failing than just about anything.

Our math and reading scores are plummeting, some at record levels. According to Associated Press this morning, reading scores among nine-year-olds were among the largest decrease in 30 years. Math scores saw their first decrease in the history of testing done by the National Center for Education Statistics. Average math score down seven percentage points, reading fell five. Graduating students are not proficient in math and reading.

All the more evidence of what the school shutdowns during the pandemic had on our kids. States like South Dakota stayed opened and navigated their way through it.

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Are you ready for one more? Colleges in Montana are now dropping  ACT and SAT requirements now to get into college. The Bozeman Chronicle reported last April that they dropped that requirement after it'd been temporarily paused during the height of the pandemic. And our public school administrators got $5.1 million in bonuses for all of their great work during the pandemic.

Stupid; so, get a student loan and head to college for courses that you are in NO way prepared for. What are the chances of success? It doesn't matter, they still get the money to keep the colleges lucrative.

The quality of our graduates may not mean much to you but it does to me. We are setting them up for failure and not changing a thing...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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