*Wait till you see the update further down in the story. The leader of CAIR celebrated the October 7th Hamas terror attacks. 

I remember when I first saw this story. Is this even news? Wait a minute- the whole reason these liberal Montana news outlets are doing this story is because some radical Muslim group is attacking a Jewish guy named Dennis Prager?

It really is amazing isn't it? These liberal Leftists (and some in the media) will defend a book called "Assassination Classroom" that sits on school bookshelves- but God forbid they allow schools to buy books from that Jewish conservative guy Dennis Prager.

In this Montana Free Press article, the author admits to covering the story "After receiving a press release last week from the Council on American-Islamic Relations calling on OPI to reject its “partnership” with PragerU."

Here's the deal: there was no "partnership" between the state and PragerU. The state simply issued a license for PragerU to be able to sell their books to the schools. Oh, but CAIR complained- so the liberal media has to run with the story and basically cheerlead the effort to ban Prager's books.

If you aren't familiar with CAIR, their executive director went on the record cheering on the October 7th Hamas terror attacks. Here's a screenshot from this piece in the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal article screenshot
Wall Street Journal article screenshot

So to summarize, the liberal Left will call you a book banner if you think age appropriate materials should be on school library bookshelves, but by golly they're gonna make sure the books from that Jewish guy Dennis Prager are banned and not even allowed to be sold in the first place!


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