The big news today out of Washington is Jon Tester has announced that he is going to run for re-election again. The government pays a hell of a lot better than farming. He would have never been able to afford that million-dollar home in D.C. if it wouldn't be for Schumer and the Democrats that pump millions into his campaign.

Senate Holds Veto Override Vote On Keystone XL Pipeline Legislation
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This time it might get interesting with Zinke who was able to win in the western part of the state. He would surely be able to get a good solid majority in the eastern side which tends to lean red. Tester had some really close races in 2018 but still won. He made it a point that year to emphasize campaign finance reform. At the same time, he was the largest recipient of campaign donations from lobbyists according to the Center for Responsive politics.

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The fact of the matter is that the only thing Montana about Jon Tester is his driver's license. He's become one of the entrenched Washington political advocates for progressivism and larger government. He's a nice guy to talk with about farming or a football game but he is letting us down not standing up for America and what really matters the most. It's time for a change and time for this Schumer puppet to retire...

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