If you live in or can make it to Montana's Flathead Valley on Saturday October, 8th- you're in for a powerful double header lineup. Chad Wolf, the former Acing Secretary of Homeland Security under President Donald Trump, along with Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert will BOTH be headlining the Lincoln Reagan Trump Dinner in Kalispell.

I get the great honor of serving as the emcee for this event taking place at the fairgrounds in Kalispell, so I look forward to seeing you there. (By the way, you can also come down and join us for our LIVE radio show on Friday morning from NW Parts & Equipment in Columbia Falls from 8-10 a.m. Look forward to seeing all of our listeners on KJJR Radio in Kalispell)

Julie with the Flathead Republicans says they are excited to have this first-ever double header. Wolf now serves as the head of the America First Policy Institute and Gohmert "boldly stands on America's founding principles and is constantly coming up with big, innovative ideas solidly based on Constitutional fundamentals."


More details from the Flathead Republicans:

-Event: Lincoln, Reagan, Trump Dinner 2022
-Date: October 8th, 2022.
-Time: 5pm-9pm
-Location: Fairgrounds
-LAST DAY to purchase tickets is October 3, 2022
-Places to purchase tickets:
       2) Call our ticket Master Jonene 406 270 6909
       3) Visit our website for more information: https://flatheadrepublicans.com
       4) Find us on Facebook and Instagram: Flathead Republicans
       5) Attire: Formal/Montana Formal
       6) It's going to be an AWESOME event. We have two keynote speakers which is a first for the Flathead Republican Central Committee.

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