If you heard Nancy in Roundup's phone call, she was nearly breaking down in tears after hearing Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen's (R-MT) powerful testimony on Capitol Hill earlier Wednesday morning.

AG Knudsen highlighted the invasion taking place on our southern border and the deadly ramifications back here in Montana at the hands of the drug cartels as he called for the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

AG Knudsen: Secretary Mayorkas is the architect of that destruction. The American people are watching. They know that our border was secure just a few years ago. They see the devastation metastasizing in our communities from drugs and human trafficking. The conclusion is clear: Secretary Mayorkas has violated his oath and I urge this body to impeach.

AG Knudsen told the committee how he witnessed the devastation firsthand when he was county attorney in Roosevelt County and on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation here in Montana.

AG Knudsen: I was a private practice attorney until two drug dealers sped past my kids at school, one shooting at the other out his vehicle window in broad daylight. After that incident, I became our elected county prosecutor where I saw what I thought were the absolute worst things possible- babies born addicted to drugs, kids thrown into foster care because their parents would rather buy drugs than take care of them, young girls sexually assaulted by family members on drugs, people murdered over $20 drug deals gone wrong. So to say that I was encouraged by the previous administration's progress in securing our nation's border is an understatement. It's also an understatement to say that I was horrified to see this administration under Secretary Mayorkas' leadership begin to erase that progress and systematically dismantle policies and programs meant to secure our borders.

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Here is the video of the FULL committee hearing featuring Montana's Attorney General.

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