Whenever you hear people talk about which states got it right, they always talk about California. You know, they locked their state down. They shut down schools. They shut down churches, but they kept Planned Parenthood and strip clubs open. Wait a minute...NOBODY talks about California getting it right. We talk about states like Florida getting it right- giving their people freedom, and getting better COVID outcomes at the same time.

For those who remember the hilarious story about California Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) being in Montana at the same time as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), there's another update.

You gotta hear the absurd explanation that Newsom is now trying to give for why he ran a TV ad in Florida urging people to move to California for...freedom. Yeah, it's laughable to think that somehow California is more free than Florida (unless of course you want the freedom to kill a fully developed baby just because it MIGHT have Down Syndrome).

You can tell that the Florida ad blew up in Newsom's face, because he is now trying to explain why he did it...with a very bad explanation. According to the Sacramento Bee, Newsom says he decided to go after DeSantis because of what he did to the Special Olympics.

Newsom: He did something that tipped me very directly, and that was going after the Special Olympics. I had an emotional response to that.

So what did DeSantis do to go after the Special Olympics? He blocked them from enforcing a vaccine mandate on their athletes. In other words, DeSantis stood up for the Special Olympics athletes to ensure that none of them would be barred from competing in the games due to some absurd vaccine mandate. Newsom would have barred these Special Olympic athletes from playing in the games, and yet he pretends to stand up for the Special Olympics? Completely absurd.

Governor DeSantis' wife Casey nailed it in a tweet on Monday: (h/t The Daily Caller)


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