The woman who was attacked by the national media and liberal commentators fired back with a press conference on the steps of the Montana capitol Monday morning. Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe later called in to radio listeners with her response to the attacks.

As we reported earlier, Rep. Crowe was falsely attacked for comments she made about supporting her daughter through some tough moments when she was a child. The liberal media spun the story to suggest that Crowe would have rather seen her daughter commit suicide than to become transgender. As Crowe told us Sunday, her daughter isn't transgender, and never was transgender.

Here's part of what Rep. Crowe told us moments after the press conference on Monday:

Rep. Crowe: I did share my heart. I did share that I think that the press has weaponized this issue. The press weaponized a couple of statements that I made that I am not going to apologize for. And they have now spread it throughout the nation that I am a horrible mother because I wouldn't allow my daughter to trans, that I would rather that she die instead of trans. And I think that that's just done us a huge injustice, because that's not the story. My daughter is not trans. And I think that no matter what's going on with our kids, we need to be very careful right now about suicide ideation and that whole story because our families are in crisis.


Here is video of Crowe's full remarks on the capitol steps:



Full audio of our phone call with Rep. Crowe starts around 940 in the podcast audio below:


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