It was not, by any means, a major victory, but I'd like to thank Senator Barasso for what he did here. Well played, sir! 

President-elect Joe Biden has offered Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) for the post of Secretary Of The Interior. But before she can take the job she has to be confirmed by the Senate.

In a rather interesting exchange Senator Barasso, Republican from Wyoming, cornered her on a question of climate change.

The gist of what he asked her was about oil and gas drilling and consumption. If, he proposed, the United States stopped drilling for oil and gas, is there any evidence that it would slow oil and gas production and use?

The question is a good one. Even if the United State stopped all of its oil and gas production, the hole in the market would just be filled by foreign countries. People around the world would still use it at the same rates as before. They would just have to buy it from somewhere else.

"So why not just let these people keep their jobs?" Barasso asked.

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You can see, in the video above President Biden's nominee stammer for a moment, then dodge the question.

Another good question Senator Barasso nails her with was over a Tweet she sent out where she said "Republicans don't believe in science." He corners her on that one too.

No matter if you are a fan of Senator Barasso or not, you've got to give him credit for those two important moments where he confronts the opposition with a one, two punch. One on facts, then another to make her justify an outrageous and insulting claim she made.

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