It's too important not to say anything, that's why I'm writing this. Folks, the state of our educational system is in major flux. New info released today by the Associated Press paints a dismal picture of our future leaders and the quality of product we are producing in our schools.

New national test scores reveal over the last two years every single state in the U.S. saw reading scores plummet to the lowest point in 30 years in fourth and eighth-grade students. Math scores saw their largest decreases ever according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

"Not a single state saw a notable improvement in their average test scores, with some simply treading water at best," AP education writer Collin Binkley reported Oct. 24.

Education officials say it was the effect of COVID-19. Ok, what was it before that then?

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You're never allowed though to be critical of education, period. But the billions of dollars we spend require accountability.

When you get a bad steak they send it back and get you a new one. If your mechanic doesn't fix the problem, you take it back and make them fix it. How about a charge on your many accounts that wasn't yours?

But people receive backlash for questioning what we are getting for our investment in education. More emphasis on human sexuality and less on math and reading and now the problems are coming to the surface. We always blame something, COVID-19, lack of air conditioning, old books, leaky windows, too many kids per class, something.

The AP reported:

Education secretary Miguel Cardona said it's a sign that schools need to redouble their efforts and use the billions of dollars that congress gave schools to help students recover.

Hopefully, all school administrators got $5.1 million in bonuses as ours did in Billings; that should be enough to turn the tide.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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