The Billings Police Department released information regarding the shooting yesterday at the 800 Block of 1st Avenue North, which is the location of the Berry's Cherries Carnival.

According to Administrative Lieutenant Matt Lennick of Billings Police, around 10:41 PM, BPD officers were dispatched to the Berry's Cherries carnival located in the 800 block of 1st Avenue North for a group of juveniles with some wearing masks running around the park and assaulting a victim who was attempting to flee in a vehicle.

Reports of shots fired were then reported to BPD Dispatch.

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As officers arrived in the area, the majority of the juveniles involved were fleeing the scene. Officers located the victim's vehicle in the parking lot, in which there was a 20-year-old male, who had suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced deceased.

BPD Detectives were called in, and are currently conducting the investigation. Detectives are currently still on the scene at the carnival.

BPD has a person of interest identified, and they have been located by officers. Officers also attempted to locate as many witnesses and involved individuals as possible.

Billings Police Department is asking anyone who witnessed the incident or may have information, to contact dispatch at 406-657-8200.

At this time, no further information on the victim has been released to the public.

As more information is released relating to this shooting, this article will be updated.

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(Source: BPD/Administrative Lieutenant Matt Lennick)

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