First question, why in the world is Yellowstone quadrupling of some permit fees? That's not going to make for happy campers, or fishermen, or boaters.

The park made the announcement Wednesday.

So the second question would be, will this affect my plans?

Expect to see an increase in 7-day boating permits no matter if you are motorized or non-motorized. Those fees jump from $5 to $20 for non-motorized boats and $10 to $40 for motorized boats.

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That's just for boating. Now let's say you want to do some fishing. It will jump from $18 to $40 for a 3-day permit. The 7-day permit is leaping from $25 to $55. If you are someone who likes to buy a season permit that just went from $40 to $75.

The park service says that all of the money will be used to maintain the park, in the various ways they work to preserve it.

You can imagine that those who regularly enjoy the park are not pleased. According to an article on Cowboy State Daily some are already blaming the Biden administration.

Some work does need to be done to keep the park as pretty as it is and as full of life as it is, considering all of the humans that want to visit it. How much work needs to be done, what is necessary and what is not, is up for debate.

The third question is will these higher fees lower the number of people who visit the park to enjoy these activities. Raising prices can actually result in less money coming in if the prices are raised too high. Or did they raise prices this high to lower the number of people?

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