Yesterday, Stockman Bank announced through their Montana Flood Relief Fund, a donation totaling $75,000 with more to come.

Where were the funds broken up to?

The $75,000 was broken up between 3 foundations across the flood-affected area. First, The Red Lodge Community Foundation received a check for $25,000. Up next, The Park County Community Foundation for another $25,000. And finally, this past week, a $25,000 check to the One Valley Ag Relief Fund.

What is the One Valley Ag Relief Fund?

The One Valley Ag Relief Fund helps specifically with Ag-related infrastructure, field recovery, irrigation canal, or fixture reconstruction on Ag properties that are excluded from potential FEMA funding on the Clarks Fork River of the Yellowstone.

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Stockman Bank CEO Bill Coffee

Bill Coffee, the CEO of Stockman Bank, had this to say:

The damage was devastating and we knew we needed to act quickly to get assistance to those impacted by the flooding.

Within hours, Stockman Bank established the Montana Flood Relief Fund with $10,000 and a pledge to match donations, dollar for dollar, up to an additional $15,000. Coffee said the match was fulfilled within a few days.

Because of the generosity of our fellow Montanans, our response was fast. We were able to quickly distribute funds where they were most needed. We sincerely thank all who joined us in donating to the Relief Fund.

How can I help?

Stockman Bank is collecting donations for the Montana Flood Relief Fund until August 1st. Stockman CEO Bill Coffee says donations are still coming in and encourages those who wish to help to do so before August 1st.

If you'd like to donate, here's how:

  • You may bring your donation or mail your donation to any Stockman Bank location across Montana. Visit to find the location nearest you. Please make checks payable to the Montana Flood Relief Fund.
  • Online, you may donate to the fund by using Zelle® with your online banking app. The email address to add in Zelle® to send your donation is
  • To donate using Venmo, search @StockmanBankofMontana. If you are asked for a confirmation code, enter 3550.

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