I was looking out our radio studio windows this morning, and I thought- this can't be good. Wet roads. Now snow. And a deep freeze right around the corner here in Montana. Seems like the same kind of conditions we saw the last go round - just before portions of Interstate 90 were shut down between Livingston and Big Timber.

The photo below is from our radio studios in Billings earlier this morning. All I could think was- here it comes.


Here's some of the key points about the forecast for the days ahead thanks to our friends at the National Weather Service office in Billings.

  • Snow increases over the area today (Monday), with periods of snow and blowing snow through Wednesday night.
  • 6-12 inches of snow expected over much of the area through Wednesday night; multiple feet of snow in the mountains
  • Arctic cold front arrives Tuesday morning, bringing falling temperatures.
  • Very cold temperatures and wind chills Wednesday through Thursday night/Friday morning.

I even looked at the highs and lows on my phone for later in the week. Billings is expecting a high of 2 below zero on Thursday, with a low of 21 below zero. Similar for Bozeman with a high of 1 below zero and a low of 12 below zero.

By the time Sunday rolls around, 30 degrees above zero will once again feel like shorts and flip-flops weather.

As you can see below, snow is already making its way across large portions of Montana. The National Weather Service is warning folks in Central and Southern Montana to watch for roads to "re-freeze" this evening around 6-8 p.m.


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