She is an author, President of the United Veterans Council, founder of Santa Socks for Veterans, and chief organizer of many patriotic ceremonies in western Montana throughout the year, but the one thing Susan Campbell Reneau has never done is run for office.

That changed on Wednesday, as Campbell-Reneau agreed to fill in for a Republican candidate who had to drop out of the race for family reasons.

“I was asked by the Republican Party to step in because a lovely young man could not fulfill his duties as a candidate for Senate District 45, and they asked if I would be willing to be the candidate for Montana Senate District 45, and I said yes,” said Campbell Reneau.

Asked what platform she would be running on, Campbell Reneau invoked a familiar theme for conservatives.

“Number one, I am fiscally conservative,” she said. “As a property owner I have been horrified by the amount of tax that I continue to have to pay over and over and the amount that keeps going up and up and up. It is really incumbent upon politicians to keep spending down in government and reduce taxes.”

Campbell Reneau has been politically active for many years, and knows her way around political issues.

“I've never done this in my life,” she said. “In fact, ironically, I've never run for anything in my life. I pride myself in giving both Republicans and Democrats a hard time because I feel it's our duty as voters to hold politicians to the fire, and if I were to be elected, I will serve with great enthusiasm and energy as you know, I will.”

Campbell Reneau is stepping in to replace Republican Mike Warner, and will be facing off against the political veteran Democrat Ellie Hill Smith and Libertarian Nolen Skime.

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