John Jackson, "The Joker" from Twitter, joins us from time to time on our Montana Talks statewide radio show. He's a retired federal law enforcement officer with over 70,000 followers on Twitter, but lives right here in Montana.

On Tuesday, we were discussing my list of the "Top 10 Montana Stories of 2022" based on local page views.

Here is the Joker's Top 10 list of national stories for 2022:

10. Elon Musk buys Twitter
9. Traitor RINO Senate Republicans
8. Fauci retires, mask and vax mandates struck down.
7. Roe v Wade struck down
6. Republicans take the House in the midterms
5. Govt interference in elections confirmed thru Twitter files.
4. Raid on Mar-a-Lago
3. Illegal Immigration
2. Economy...Gas, Food, Inflation, Crime
1. Ukraine and the Biden response.

And, based off of a listener's special request, we played a song on the radio.

The Babylon Bee's "Biden Did You Know" song was hilarious, but it also raised a good question. Even if Biden didn't know how harmful his policies were going to be two years ago, he should know now- right?

John Jackson: The answer to that question- he himself does not know. We are living in that episode of Star Trek where he's just wheeled out and given things to say and he has no idea. It's the people behind the scenes running everything know- the Susan Rice's and all the Obama holdovers that are just- this is just Obama's third term.

Here's the full audio of our chat with John Jackson about the top stories of 2022 and more:

President Biden Hosts News Conference With President Volodymyr Zelensky Of Ukraine At The White House
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Top Stories in 2022 from Montana Talks With Aaron Flint

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