What's the latest regarding Missoula elections and potential fraud?

If you go back over a year ago, Rep. Brad Tschida (R-Missoula), Missoula attorney Quentin Rhoades, and gun-rights expert John Lott teamed up for an audit of the Missoula County elections in Montana. They claimed that the results showed roughly 5,000 votes were counted that did not have the corresponding signature envelopes.

Fast forward to last month, and the Missoula County GOP claimed they did a recount with the Missoula elections office and that everything is good to go.

Then, just a few days ago The Montana Free Press published this headline: New allegations surface in Missoula County election.

The bottom line: Quentin Rhoades says the latest count included two additional boxes of votes that were not provided to them when they conducted their audit.

Quentin Rhoades: It turned out that they had 33 boxes of envelopes as compared to the 31 they produced to us. I'm not sure if they were aware of that discrepancy. There should be a chain of custody. These envelopes are sealed in boxes, and there should be a chain of custody, and we should be able to look at that chain of custody, and we should be able to see exactly who had them in their possession where they were located, how long they were there. And if they discovered a discrepancy, how they resolved it. So we've asked for that set of documents- the chain of custody for these sealed envelopes.

Rhoades then added this question when it comes to the discrepancy in the boxes.

Quentin Rhoades: The funny thing is- the boxes have about 2500 envelopes in them. And so the discrepancy is about 5000. And so two boxes would explain that discrepancy. So now the question is, how do we reconcile the 31 boxes that were produced in January of 2021, with 33 that was produced in March of 2022.

Here's audio of our full chat with Quentin Rhoades. I also shared my rant. What is more dangerous- my gun, or your vote? Plus, reactions to a liberal judge in Yellowstone County blocking election integrity laws in Montana. Here's all the audio:


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