The New York Times is trashing Montana again, and all I can say is: thank you! Yes, New York Times. Please keep telling all of your readers just how awful Montana is. They definitely don't want to move here.

It was a little over a year ago that both the NYT and the Washington Post did hit pieces on our great State of Montana. One of our readers suggested we send them some avocado toast as a thank you.

In the latest NYT hit piece, the anti-Christian bigotry of the Gray Lady is what really stands out. Here's the headline: "How Montana Took a Hard Right Turn Toward Christian Nationalism"

You just have to laugh when you read the piece, especially when you see a photo of people praying in a church. Praying in a church! The agony.

Here's one of the lines that stood out to me:

In recent years, the rise of Montana’s Christian right has been enabled by the weakening of the state Democratic Party.

I would actually disagree with this statement. The Montana Democrat Party isn't weak- they're nuts. They still hold significant power. They have most of the media and biased judges in their back pocket. So why are they losing, despite their power? They've used their power to embolden the most radical elements of their party. Case in point is the controversial transgender debate where Montana Democrats are defending the ability to chop body parts off of kids, or give them life altering drugs and puberty blockers.

Jeremy Carl lives in Bozeman, Montana and is a Senior Fellow with The Claremont Institute. He says, "This entire New York Times hit piece is like an advertisement for conservatives to move to #Montana."

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