I'm sitting here 23 floors above town looking to the north thinking what it would be like on a day like today if we didn't have enough energy.

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Credit: Paul Mushaben, TSM

We are heading there with this war on American energy. The President this week emphasized his commitment to eliminating all fossil fuels. Eliminating all coal generation plants and having only renewable energy.

Check out his speeches from the past week it's all there.

Can you imagine how desperate we as a nation will be? So many businesses that rely on petroleum products and energy are doomed. Everything in this nation is driven by energy, one form or another. These absurd policies will self-destruct a once great nation. People are already out of home heating oil on the east coast so they will all run out and buy electric heaters to stay warm.

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How are we going to supply that extra electricity?

Today in Billings how much juice would be produced with no wind, and it snowed all day? What are people going to do? How will commerce survive? The answer is we can't. We are not there yet technology-wise.

This energy policy of Biden and the democrats will be the biggest destructive element to our economy we have ever faced. Firewood, wind, and sun won't cut it. Maybe if people have trouble getting their dope because of energy shortages needed to run their growing lights and heaters we'll get somewhere. This one energy strategy for a great nation like ours is suicidal. Better get a hand saw and an ax. You're going to need it...

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