We know Joe Biden is unpopular in Montana, but just how unpopular is he? According to a new poll, only 33% of Montanans approve of the job he is doing as president. At least he's faring better than Trudeau, eh?

Travis Hall shared the new polling data on the Montana Politics hashtag on Twitter, adding this:

Biden at 33 approve / 60 disapprove in Montana. #mtpol#mtnews Biden reaches 50 percent approval in only ONE state, and it ain't Delaware.

Chris Averill also made a good point by showing how dismal Biden's numbers are in the (formerly?) blue state of Virginia.

It's no surprise that Biden is unpopular in Montana. He started day one as president shutting down the very popular Keystone XL pipeline. That project alone would have brought in anywhere from $60-100 million in revenue to Montana counties every single year for infrastructure and other projects.

Biden's vaccine mandates targeting our troops, federal employees, and healthcare workers have also been very unpopular in Big Sky Country. He's also taken actions halting oil and gas projects in the state and region as gas prices soar. And, he's getting the Waters of the US (WOTUS) regulations back up and running, which are very unpopular with farmers and ranchers in Montana.

Meanwhile in Canada, Biden's buddy- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau- is also very unpopular, according to the Toronto Sun:

Only 16% said Trudeau has made them want to vote for him because of how he has dealt with the vaccine mandate protests, while 63% said he has not, with 21% unsure.


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