One of our radio listeners "Tim in Billings" told me he almost made it back on Dan Bongino's nationally syndicated talk show this afternoon.

What was he going to say, or what was he going to ask Bongino if he made it through before the show was over? The same great question he threw out to his fellow Montanans earlier in the week.

Here's the message Tim sent us Monday morning:

"So, if Jussie (Juicy as Bongino calls him) Smollett gets convicted for false reporting of a crime and wasting police resources in Chicago, can Hillary be charged with the same type of crime on a federal level? I mean pretty much the same crime different jurisdiction isn’t it? Maybe AG Knudsen can give a legal opinion." (Tim in Billings, Billings - 05/23 @ 07:59am)

Great question, when you think about it. For those who are wondering what the reference is, on Friday Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign manager testified in federal court that Hillary Clinton herself ordered the hit. She ordered the release of the false information that led to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Think about the tens of millions of dollars that were wasted on the Mueller investigation alone. Think about the abuse of power by federal officials in the Obama Administration who spied on Trump and his associates. Think about the phony impeachment proceedings. Think about the fake news attacks by Big Media. There was basically a never ending coup attempt against the President of the United States- Donald Trump. This was the real election interference in 2016 and 2020. This was the real collusion. And it all was based on the lie spread by the Clinton campaign, and authorized by Hillary herself.

If Jussie Smollett can be thrown in jail for lying, for spinning up the whole city of Chicago into his hate-crime hoax, and for wasting the resources of the Chicago Police Department- why can't Hillary Clinton be held accountable? Is it her white liberal privilege?

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