Did you feel it this morning?  A little after five this morning, there was an earthquake in our area. We had a call early asking if we had felt it because the caller did and she was in the Musselshell area.

The U.S geological survey reported it to be "at a shallow depth of 6.2 miles beneath the epicenter." Some minor shaking though could have been felt in the Melstone area which was only 17 miles from the epicenter. I doubt that the skyscrapers in Melstone shook or swayed. Now here, at the Cat Country studio, in the tallest free-standing brick structure in America, we were a little nervous.

I'm not sure how many building inspections have been done here but the good news is that it should not have caused any damage. I don't like the phrase "SHOULD not have done any damage." If you ever are walking downtown, which is more dangerous than an earthquake, check out all the cracks in the brick mortar in this place. As you all know, I love dogs, and it's a good thing because someday we may wake up with a German Shepherd licking our face. Outside of the quake that hit Hebgen lake, I'm not sure what was the largest quake in our area but this one was too close for comfort. 54 miles from Billings.

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God, what's next? We are already dealing with a drought of epic proportions, now we're going to top it off with earthquakes? I gotta tell ya, I don't have earthquake insurance either. Although I got to tell ya, a huge tsunami heading from Fort Peck my way would be welcomed right now.

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