A transgender lawmaker from Missoula is refusing to apologize after making hateful comments on the floor of the Montana House of Representatives.

Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula) is a man who now identifies as a woman, and is one of 14 transgender lawmakers in state houses across the country.

As we told you last week, Rep. Zephyr was speaking out against legislation to protect kids from transgender surgeries and drugs that could cause lifelong harm. Rep. Zephyr took a shot at the religious beliefs of many of the lawmakers by saying that when they bow their heads in prayer, he hopes they see blood on their hands.

Speaker of the House Matt Regier (R-Kalispell) has refused to call on Rep. Zephyr during floor debates until the lawmaker apologizes for the break in decorum and for violating House rules. So far, Rep Zephyr is refusing to apologize for the bigoted remarks directed against people of faith.

Not surprisingly, the liberal mob media is instead working overtime to paint Zephyr as the victim in their biased coverage. And the oh-so-tolerant Left is now sending hate mail to Montana's Speaker of the House. I've gotten a few myself (yawn).  (Language warning in the screenshots of the emails below)

By the way, notice how the liberal mob media is going to town with their biased coverage on this story? Remember when a white Democrat lawmaker rudely interrupted and tried to silence a Native American man who was politely testifying at a committee hearing? She even tried to get him thrown out of the hearing room.

I said this at the time: "If a white Republican had done this, they would be getting lambasted all over the media all week long over this." 

As predicted- the same media that ignored the Native American man...is

It's also VERY clear that the transgender lawmaker from Missoula wants special treatment here.




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