She's an attorney who graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in law and a degree in Philosophy from the University of Virginia.

OK, how about this philosophy: You have to have an actual degree in the field that the agency is responsible for.

The Associated Press also reported yesterday:

"She worked as an attorney at the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for more than two decades, then led the state agency for three years before being named principal deputy director at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service following Biden’s election."

Look at Pete Buttigieg, he's running the transportation department and didn't even have an electric train as a kid. Look at the mess we have had with the airlines, the railroads, and the shipping channels in this country.

When the Senate picks a supreme court justice all of them have a degree in law and have been a judge in one capacity or another.

The U.S. surgeon general is a doctor, makes sense, right?

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Remember when Trump picked Rex Tillerson, an ex-Exon CEO to be our Secretary of State, it was a disaster and he was fired. Rightly so.

You have to put the right people with the right qualifications in place or it's a problem.

She said she believed that the grizzly bear population had recovered in Yellowstone during her hearing, but environmentalists are upset. Still, doesn't make you qualified.

Both Steve Daines and Jon Tester voted for confirmation. That doubly weighs it for me, if Tester supports it, 99% of the time I'm against it.

An art teacher shouldn't be teaching Math; and in cabinet positions like this, qualifications are a must. Just like I'm not qualified to write articles and this is what you get.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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