When you hear Joe Biden say the words "dark winter" what comes to mind? That was the question I threw out on the radio on Tuesday, after hearing the Fox News Radio report shortly after 6 a.m. (And we got some very interesting calls on that question too, by the way)

In one of the reports, Biden was referring to COVID-19 when he used the words "dark winter." In a separate report that soon followed, there was a story about Iran enriching more uranium than was previously known.

The two reports together got me thinking about how a dark winter will be approaching in more ways than just one if Biden is sworn in as President of the United States. I thought back to how the Obama-Biden Administration was cutting funding through sequestration to our national defense, but then sent a planeload of cash to the regime in Tehran.

What else could come down the pipe in a dark winter under a potential Biden Administration? Could we see more Waters-of-the-US style federal regulations targeting our farmers in ranchers in Montana? If the Obama-Biden Administration got away with spying on President Trump, what would a Biden Administration get away with in the next four years? You may recall, even prior to the spy operation against the Trump campaign, the Obama-Biden Administration vis-a-vis former Democrat Senator Max Baucus of Montana had already been abusing the IRS in order to target Christian, Jewish, and Tea Party groups. What will they do now?

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