Given the mess going on in Afghanistan...heck, given the mess going on right here in America...Kelly in Glasgow thought it was timely to send us a reminder of a prediction that Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made when he was here in Montana last October.

Ted Cruz in October of 2020: God forbid if we wake up and Joe Biden has won and Nancy Pelosi has the House, that if Schumer gets the Senate- the three of them will do more damage in two years than Barack Obama did in eight.

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Well? Look at the disaster on our Southern Border. Look at the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Look at the prices at the pump. Look at the prices at the stores. Look at the mandates and other restrictions still in force across the country. Look at the deepening national debt. What do you think? Was Ted Cruz right?

Senator Cruz was in Montana campaigning in support of Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) during the 2020 elections. Daines, of course, won with a huge margin. He even defeated the sitting Democrat governor by 16 points in Yellowstone County alone.

It's hard to argue that Cruz was wrong. We have a President of the United States who shut down the Keystone Pipeline in Montana but allowed a Russian pipeline to move forward. We have a president who removed the bulk of US troops from Afghanistan before we got our friends and citizens out, and is now reportedly allowing the Taliban to dictate the terms of the withdrawal. We have a president who flung the gate wide open on our southern border for illegal aliens at the same time he is still treating law-abiding citizens like criminals.


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