I don't think a lot of folks realize just how big this would be for the state of Montana. Did you hear what Donald Trump is now saying?

It was pretty inside baseball, but I've been saying for weeks that there is a high likelihood that- if the Republicans take back control of the Senate- Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) could be the first Senate Majority Leader from Montana since Mike Mansfield.

Check out this story Politico just posted:

In a brief interview on Thursday, Daines said he’d “thanked” Trump for the encouragement and didn’t rule out a run for leader...“I told [Trump] the most important thing I can do this moment is to make sure we have a Senate majority in November,” Daines said.


In case you missed it, I spoke with Senator Daines back in early February. I asked Senator Daines about the dynamics inside the Senate GOP. I had told our sidekick on the radio earlier that week that I think Senator Steve Daines is very diplomatically, behind the scenes, moving the Senate GOP into a more conservative direction. He's also moved the Senate GOP into a more pro-Trump direction is well, especially with his leadership at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. On air, I believe I also said how he could be first Majority Leader from Montana since Mansfield if the GOP takes back control of the Senate, and Trump is back in the White House.

Jeremy Carl, a Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute and former Trump appointee who lives in Bozeman had this reaction to the news:

It's clear that Trump wants Daines, who would be far preferable to Thune, Cornyn, or Barrasso. Sen. Hawley had also boosted Daines. It will be interesting to see whether Daines wants the job, and, if so, how much pull Trump has to help make that happen.

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