Since I'm going to be chatting with Brian Michelotti, the Executive Director of the Montana High School Association (MHSA), I thought- why not see what questions folks all across Montana would want to ask, or what topics they think we should bring up.

For those who don't know, MHSA basically oversees high school sports in Montana. And high school sports is a topic that can sometimes seem to be even more divisive than politics.

So what do folks across Montana want to talk about when it comes to high school sports? How bad some of the parents can be- that is definitely a common theme. In fact, if you were watching the Griz or the Bobcats football games on Saturday, you likely saw a TV report by Casey Conlon where the referees were saying that parents are a big reason people don't want to ref anymore. And there is a huge ref shortage in Montana right now.

Here were a few other topics that folks on my Facebook page thought we could bring up:

The referee shortage is definitely a big one.

Chrissy asked: "Why they keep having state volleyball in Bozeman? The cost of hotel, etc is so unreasonable for families & schools & has been for years."

Frank: "Why class B schools are allowed to play class C football?"

Alan: "How are student athletes academics holding up in a 4 day school week."

Robert: "What are they doing to address the deficiencies of the NFHS broadcasts that they are contractually locked into."

Uriah: "Not allowing Class B schools to play class c 8 man football! Have B split and play 9 man for the schools that can’t get the numbers out to play!!"

Baseball, baseball, and baseball were a few other comments.

Jump in on the conversation:


What do you think about high school sports? What would you want to ask the MHSA? Shoot me an e-mail aaron (at) or download the "Montana Talks" app and send me a message through there.

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