With the severe lack of snow, it's a really good question on when some of the ski resorts will open across the state of Montana.

Even though the weather has been somewhat warm this November so far, most of us are still ready for all the snow we will be getting soon. The problem is, with the lack of snow so far, this is putting a damper on the early ski season for many folks. So when will the mountains open up? Well, that's tougher to say.

Right now, the closest ski resorts to us Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort have varying dates. Big Sky Resort has set an 'opening' date for November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving but that will be pretty bold figuring their snow report doesn't have any info. Then Bridger Bowl has a more realistic date of December 10th and hopefully, there will be some snow by then.

Until they get some snow accumulation, there is no real set opening date. You can't open without snow and you are just at the mercy of Mother Nature.

We have had winters like this in the past where it starts mild and then all of a sudden January, February, March, and even into April, we can get tons of snow and it becomes a frigid spring.

Other mountains around Montana are holding back their official opening dates and just playing it by ear to see when the cold front finally comes through and gives us consistent snow.

Until then, just make sure your boards and skis are waxed and ready to make runs when they finally open.

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