Why has Bozeman become such a hot spot for newcomers? I mean, there are a lot of places that are much more affordable. The answer isn't a simple one. Many people have decided to move to Bozeman for a variety of different reasons.

Some people might say that I'm a part of the problem. I moved to Bozeman in 2016 after I accepted a radio job at Townsquare Media. I'm originally from Boise, Idaho. That's where I got my start in radio. After getting laid off due to budget cuts in 2014, I was looking for a change of scene. Well, enough about my story, let's dig into why so many other people have decided to move to Bozeman in recent years.

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The Bozeman Reddit page is a great resource if you have questions or are looking for answers to questions about living in the Bozeman area. I visit Reddit fairly frequently and find that it's a great way to stay informed about things happening locally.

Recently, a user asked why people decided to move to Bozeman, and why there has been such an influx of new residents. The reasons given varied quite a bit. A lot of people ended up in Bozeman due to work opportunities, whereas some people just really enjoyed the lifestyle and area amenities.

Here are a few examples from the Bozeman Reddit page.

Skiing, hunting, mountain biking, good community, etc. I lived in CO for many years before coming here. I know I am "ruining" the place because I wasn't born in 1850 though. I'm sorry about that.

MOHSHSIHd84 said.

I've been here since 2003, moved from Butte for school, and I've only met a handful of people who are actually from Bozeman.

Wapiti_whacker82 said.

I moved here for the bagels at bagel works.

forever406 said.

1972. I was 6 and my father had the choice of being stationed in either Bozeman or Pocatello. He was from Alaska and told the army whatever one was further north. You would not believe what it was like back then compared to today.

Montana-Mike-RPCV said.

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why people decided to move to Bozeman. Click here for the full Bozeman Reddit thread.

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