I see that they are having a big coyote derby down in Forsyth and are using it as a fundraiser for their FFA.

I can only imagine the heat that they get from outside groups like PETA or the Wild Earth Guardians for having a killing contest.

I have never participated in one of these before but many ranchers down there actually welcome the opportunity for people to thin out these predators. I would imagine none of these people who are against it have seen a coyote pulling a newborn lamb out of a ewe and running off to eat it. Cattle are a little tougher to kill, but sheep are really susceptible.

I know the idea of a contest seems a little Neanderthal to some but it does some good for the people who have problems. No one loves animals and respects life more than me but these animals can be devastating if they are left uncontrolled.

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Because I'm Paul, it drives me crazy that these mostly progressive liberal people are outraged with the killing of a coyote but have no problem supporting killing a full-term human baby. Sometimes we are really mixed up in our priorities. I'm not ashamed to say to those people that I value a baby's life over a coyote.


By the way, the proper pronunciation is ky-yote, not ky-o-tee. That thing sitting on your couch that you use to change the channel is not called a re-mo-tee it's a re- mote, case closed.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m. and then at 10 a.m. at Metra for a big day.

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