Now that the  FDA has granted the use of the Pfizer vaccine for young children 5-11 the question is will you comply. Last night on the news, Not on KTVQ, but on National news, the FOX News Network had an interview with Dr. Marty Makay, renowned Johns Hopkins health policy expert and surgeon.

The question "should I get my child vaccinated?" was asked. I would much rather hear his opinion than Joe Biden's or Little Red Lying hood. But anyway, he said no. There are 28 million kids that fall in this category. Out of the 28 million, 94 have died from co-vid and all had an underlying condition that played a key role in their death.

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He also noted that in June of this year, 42% of all kids in that age group already had a natural immunity to co-vid. He said now since school has started it is now 56 % with natural immunity. He also reiterated the importance of herd immunity in children to wipe out the disease nationwide. He also addressed the heart problem that occurs mostly in boys from the vaccine.

He said one out of every million children will die from the vaccine. Here is my question for the must vaccinate children mandators. If the risk is one in a million nothing to worry about then why would you vaccinate if the risk of death is 94 out of 28 million? The bottom line is it's your child and parents and their doctors should make the decision. Not a President, not a Governor, not a superintendent of schools. You.

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