We love buying Montana products and supporting Montana businesses when we buy food or other items for ourselves, so why not support Montana businesses when buying products for your pets?

For anyone who has ever met our friend Jim McCray in Bozeman, you know that Jim loves his dog Bartles. A few months ago Jim shared the news that the Montana Dog Food Company has officially launched.

Before taking off for a trip across the state, we got to sample some of the products with our beagle. When we poured the food out our dog thought it was a treat, and ate the food as if it were a treat as well.

Jim shared this news a few months ago.

After 2 years - we are proud to launch the Montana Dog Food Company!! All protein sourced from Montana and the Mountain West. Please join us on the adventure and take home some Montana to a pup near you.  (PS - Bartles - our Bassett Hound - has an agent now.)

Here's how the Montana Dog Food Company touts their products:

At Montana Dog Food Co. we have a passion for living in Montana and an unwavering devotion and love for dogs. Our products speak for themselves with the highest quality meat and whole-food sourced vitamins and minerals. Our natural diets are crafted with clean, wholesome proteins like free-range beef and cage-free chicken.

As you can see in my photo above, we tried out the surf and turf as well as the grain free beef.

Check em out at MontanaDogFoodCo.com

Here's the other really cool deal- a portion of the proceeds benefits our veterans by supporting the Montana-based Warriors & Quiet Waters. (FYI- I'm honored to serve on the WQW National Advisory Board)


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