Yes, we get it. Montana gets snow. But, how extreme does our weather get overall? Well, it's common to get at least one hardcore weather event every single year, regardless of what it consists of. Did you know that Montana holds some extreme weather records? Here are some of the wildest weather phenomenons that Big Sky Country has ever experienced.

A 100-degree drop in temperature in a single day.

If you've ever experienced 100-degree highs, you know exactly how hot that is. But imagine a drop in temperature that's as extreme as that high temperature, and you've got Browning, Montana in January of 1916. Their temperature went from 44 degrees to negative 56 degrees in 24 hours. To this day, it's the largest temperature drop in 24 hours in United States history.

In another vein, Montana also holds the record for the lowest temperature in the United States at negative 70 degrees. That record was set in 1954 at Rogers Pass.

The Father's Day Tornado

Billings experienced a massive tornado on Father's Day 2010 that ripped most of the roof off of Rimrock Auto Arena. Winds were estimated between 111 and 135 miles per hour, and the damages were estimated at around $30 million across multiple businesses.

Winter Weather in the Spring?

Yep, can you imagine the stress of going to work in late April with nearly 3 feet of snow? That was the reality in April 1969, when a massive snowstorm coated southeastern Montana. Thousands of livestock were lost, and power was out for weeks after.

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Do you remember any other crazy weather events like the ones talked about here? If so, we'd be interested in it! Let us know on social media, and make sure to include photos.

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