Why did a defense contractor land a $140 million contract to run the website and the system that is being used to block Montanans' access to Glacier National Park?


Western Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT), Trump's former Interior Secretary, has already made it clear: if he were still Secretary of the Interior, we would not have this reservation entry system being used to block Montanans' access to Glacier National Park. Zinke has been outspoken against the reservation system since it was first implemented.

Now, Zinke is calling for an investigation into the details of the Booz Allen contract managing recreation.gov. Zinke cited a Wall Street Journal article detailing the $140 million contract given to the defense contracting firm to run the website.

In a letter to the Director of the National Park Service, Zinke wrote, in part:

Rep. Zinke: During your recent appearance before the House Committee on Appropriations I raised the issue of Glacier National Park rationing access to the park and shutting out locals via a poorly conceived and executed vehicle reservation system. You committed to me that you would look for a solution and consider rolling back this policy that is deeply unpopular with local residents, small businesses and visitors…In light of the recent WSJ report, and the fact that the Glacier National Park reservation system is housed on recreation.gov, I am calling for a full investigation of both the Booz-Allen contract (dating back to the original contract and subsequent renewals), and the decision-making process to implement the Glacier Park reservation system… I am also calling on you to abandon the Glacier National Park reservation system until a full investigation has been completed and the findings reported to my office.”


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