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It's happening here. Just days after shocking video surfaced of a drag queen event targeting children in Dallas, Texas- now a drag queen book reading event targeting children is taking place in Billings, Montana.

I've already heard from a number of our listeners and concerned parents asking if I had seen this news yet. A "Drag Queen Story Hour" event at ZooMontana in Billings is being billed as "family friendly." Several of the comments I have already seen on social media include outraged parents who say they are "done with Zoo Montana."

406 Pride is hosting the event at ZooMontana on June 22nd, according to event info posted on Facebook.

Want to come hang out with some Drag Queens while they read awesome books and then go check out the zoo for reduced admission? Then this family-friendly event is for you!
From 12-4pm, ZooMontana is generously offering $4/person admission for those who attend the Drag Queen Story event
I have confirmed that the event is indeed happening at Zoo Montana, and anticipate getting reaction from the zoo later on Thursday. (*Response now included below)
Here is response from ZooMontana's Director Jeff Ewelt posted Thursday morning to Facebook:
We have heard from many of you in regard to the 406 Pride Drag Queen Story Hour being held at the Zoo later this month. Let me be clear - ZooMontana prides itself in being inclusive of all living things. 406 Pride is a respected and valued community asset, one we are proud to support and host at ZooMontana. While personal threats and threats of no longer supporting the Zoo are concerning, we will not let unwarranted fear and hate deter our decision to move forward with this harmless and fun reading event that is held throughout the country. At the end of the day, if your personal agenda does not fit this event, we simply ask that you do not come to the Zoo that day. It would be a shame to never allow your children back to the Zoo because of one simple event. Happy Pride month.
In the video below, The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh describes the Dallas gay bar drag queen event where children were encouraged to participate and were even showed handing dollar bills to the scantily clad drag queens.
Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas (R-TX) responded to the video of the Dallas event by saying, "This is really deranged. It’s also proof that when you’re too open-minded, your brain falls out. Clearly these parents lost their minds a long time ago."
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