I was out on vacation for the last week, so thankfully John Jackson (@pvtjokerus on Twitter) was on hand to get us up to speed on the latest "Twitter files" and the documents dumped onto the Internet by independent reporter Matt Taibbi.

We also got a Montana take on the latest evidence showing collusion between the FBI and the Democrats to interfere in elections and suppress free speech.

John Jackson: We have a saying on our 'Behind Enemy Lines' podcast and that is, whatever you think it is, as bad as you think it is- it's worse than that. And that's what's really come out with, I think we're at number six of these Twitter files, and what came out last week while you were out Aaron, was that Matt Taibbi showed that the FBI had created an actual task force on the FITF, the Foreign Influence Task Force that had 80, that's eight-zero, FBI agents assigned to do nothing but police through the internet, police social media. And you know what they used to justify this? They used the fake RussiaGate story to justify them getting into social media because it was SO infiltrated by 'foreign influence'.

Here's the full audio from our chat in the 8 a.m. hour on Monday. Keep an eye on our podcast page and hopefully the 9 a.m. hour will post soon also.

By the way- as we were chatting with John Jackson in the 9 a.m. hour he told us about the latest Twitter files dump Monday morning. Here it is thanks to our friends at KJJR radio in Kalispell.

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