Back in September of 2020, we had a conversation with former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis talking about all of the mob violence plaguing our country, especially from the radical Leftists in the Pacific Northwest. Faddis told us back in September, no matter who wins the election, they will not stop. The violence will continue. As we saw on Inauguration Day, he was right.

If you read the Associated Press story from Joe Biden's Inauguration Day, you would read how anti-Biden protesters damaged the Democrat Party Headquarters in Oregon. You would also read how they attacked a federal building in Portland.

The two words you won't see in that AP article- "Left" and "Antifa." Yet, very clearly these were Leftist, and Antifa rioters. As Fox News reports:

... individuals were seen carrying pepper ball guns, electronic control weapons (similar to stun guns) -- shields, fireworks, and rocks.

Authorities said earlier gatherings in Portland -- which saw Antifa protesters clash with authorities as they gathered to voice dissatisfaction with President Biden, forcing officers to retreat and taking at least one police bicycle -- had ended.

Here's part of what Faddis told us back in September:

What these groups want is not reform. They use phrases like “black lives matter” and “justice” in a deliberate effort to make themselves less threatening and to lull the population as a whole to sleep. This is intentional and a time-honored tradition amongst radical leftist organizations.

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So, why would these Leftist activists be protesting a Biden presidency? As Faddis told us last September, the radical Left (which is apparently in control of the Democrat party agenda) doesn't care about elections.

Here's an excerpt from his AND Magazine report last Fall:

Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and all their sister organizations are Marxist entities. As such they are built around the concept of “the struggle”...The “struggle” is an explicitly non-democratic process. The current system will not be voted out of office – it will be torn to pieces.



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