A new report from the Family Research Council is documenting the rise an attacks against Christians in America.

Whether it is churches being vandalized, or Christians openly being mocked for their faith on social media- we see this increased tolerance for hatred against Christians and Jews all around us. 

Fox News had this story Monday morning: Attacks against churches doubled in 2023, report warns: 'Growing disdain for Christianity'

According to the report:

The Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council (FRC) released its annual Hostility Against Churches report last week, finding there were 436 hostile incidents against churches in 2023. This is more than double the number tracked in 2022 and more than eight times as many as the group found in 2018.

Here's a link to that full report.

I spoke with Arielle Del Turco, the Director of the FRC's Center for Religious Liberty, earlier this month on our statewide Montana radio show. The hostility against churches referenced above is really part of a broader "intolerance against Christians" that is intensifying in the Western world.

We talked about how Left-leaning Western governments took advantage of the powers of COVID-19 to shut down churches, all the while leaving abortion mills and strip clubs open. Those same governments are now continuing to target people of faith post COVID-19.

Del Turco: During the COVID pandemic, many of these religious freedom violations they revolved around, as you said, churches being able to operate, churches being unfairly targeted for closure while other institutions remained open. However, now we're seeing that the key issues revolve around a censorship of Christians' ability to express their faith fully, to express their beliefs about Christian doctrines, especially when those ideas contradict with the mainstream secular worldview when it comes to some of these hot button political issues- when it comes to abortion when it comes to transgenderism and when it comes to homosexuality.

Here's the full audio of our chat:

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