Day one of divisiveness, and day one of hypocrisy. That's what we saw from day one of the Joe Biden presidential administration.

On day one, President Biden undertook the divisive move to shut down American jobs and tax revenue by blocking the Keystone pipeline, which would flow through Montana. We know that the Keystone Pipeline would bring in tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue to Montana counties all along its path.

But what about our southern border? Biden halted construction on our southern border. In doing so, he also threatens more Montana jobs. At least one of the companies doing work on the border wall is based in Bozeman, Montana. Another is headquartered in North Dakota, and also has operations in Montana. More divisiveness from the man telling us to shut up, wear a mask, and unite.

Speaking of masks. Biden is telling us to wear masks, and ordering us to wear masks on federal property. But, as The Daily Wire reports, where was Biden on day one of his presidency? On federal property, and without a mask on.

“Wearing masks isn’t a partisan issue — it’s a patriotic act that can save countless lives,” Biden tweeted on Wednesday evening. “That’s why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. It’s time to mask up, America.”

The Daily Wire also points out that several members of the Biden family also were NOT wearing masks.

The do as I say not as I do presidency is underway. Shut up and unite.

Joe Biden Sworn In As 46th President Of The United States At U.S. Capitol Inauguration Ceremony
(Photo by Joshua Roberts-Pool/Getty Images)

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