It was pretty much sunny skies and dry roads when I left for Glendive Thursday afternoon. There were some rough patches near Forsyth. But after Miles City the road conditions quickly turned south closer to Terry and on into Glendive.

Just take it slow.

I knew that's what I had to do...but man- talk about a big news day to just take it slow and stay awake as bombshell after bombshell got reported over the radio.

My goodness...Kagan questioning Colorado and the absurd effort to throw Trump off the ballot...the special counsel basically saying Biden is mentally incompetent. What a bombshell day. Sure had plenty of news to keep me occupied while making the slow drive to Glendive! And I still need to watch the Tucker Carlson Putin interview.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson said this via about Biden:

The President’s press conference this evening further confirmed on live television what the Special Counsel report outlined. He is not fit to be President.


Very excited to make it to Glendive SAFELY.

I'll be set up at the 46th Annual GATE Show (the Glendive Agri Trade Expo) Friday morning starting at 7 a.m. Come down and join me on the microphone or just stop and say hi.

Whether your interest is in animal genetics, seed stock and crop varieties; or new and used equipment, this is the place to gather and be kept abreast of new ideas – and the food provided by the Glendive Cowbelles is always a hit.


They're also having a Mondak Row this year with vendors that feature products made in Montana or North Dakota.


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