We spent this morning discussing Emily Pennington who is a student at West Junior High. She has Down Syndrome and won't be allowed to have a senior year with her classmates because she will turn nineteen before graduation.

Our listeners are not happy. We got to speak to her father. And he told us that this particular school district has been difficult to deal with for Emily's entire school career.

He also told us that Facebook took the family's post about this down because it was deemed "too inflammatory".

We think that Emily should get her senior year and graduate with her classmates. And we're betting that you do too.

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So we're asking every business in town that's got a marquee or reader board or electronic sign to change it to "We Support Emily", or "Let Emily Graduate".

It was also suggested that folks put signs in their vehicles stating the same.

This sweet girl hasn't done anything wrong. She doesn't deserve what's happening to her.

And here in Montana, we do the right thing. And letting her graduate is absolutely the right thing.

Then maybe if you want to call your school board member for your district or even the superintendent himself, I'll bet that he would love to know what all of the taxpayers think.

Go to billingsschools.org, click on "staff directory" and boom. Every e-mail and phone number that you need.

The superintendent's phone number is 406-281-5065. Give him a jingle.

And if you hear anything back from these folks, we'd love to hear about it.

Let. Emily. Graduate.

It's the right thing to do.

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