I was driving to Great Falls for a convention of county road supervisors and was chatting with Yellowstone County Commissioner John Ostlund. After talking county roads, he asked me: "Have you ever heard of Brooke Wagner? She's running for school board in Billings and she is a great candidate.

Commissioner Ostlund and I were chatting about how great of a candidate Brooke Wagner is for school board. She is passionate when it comes to caring for kids. She brings her guitar into the pediatric intensive care unit at one of the Billings hospitals and provides music therapy for kids. Her and her husband Bo, a rodeo producer, are a big part of and supporters of our ag community in particular. And, they have kids in our public schools.

Andrea Nemitz is another local mom stepping up to run for the Billings School Board that I can personally vouch for. The wife of a railroader, she knows what sacrifice means. She's also a business owner and someone with the strength to tackle the challenges facing the public schools in Billings.

I can tell you this with confidence: Andrea and Brooke are two women of faith who will look out for the best interests of your kids and your teachers.

Alba Pimentel with the Moms for Liberty Group in Yellowstone County said they are backing the four candidates below, including Wagner and Nemitz, because of their stand in support of parental rights and more.

Alba Pimentel: We're looking at the children's scores, which are horrible. We're looking at special education, which is horrible. They're bringing safety. They want to unify teachers and parents. We don't hear that from the other candidates. And these candidates want to bring that. They want to bring support to our teachers. They want to do the transparency work and look at those budgets and see where the money is going, so that our schools get the support that they need.


Meanwhile, the Billings Education Association, which turned their backs on SD2 teachers during the mask debate, is backing the school board members who supported mask mandates, lockdowns, and voted against Emily Pennington. One of them is also a radical activist that wants to push the transgender agenda on kids in the schools.




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