As all of you know, you should have a new Superintendent running the Billings school district very soon. The district hired a recruiting firm to give the school board what they thought would be the best candidates. They have narrowed the list to four, according to the Billings Gazette.

The four include one from Houston, one from Colorado, the others from Montana; Lewistown, and the current Executive Director of the Billings school district since 2011.

Some 1,200 people participated in the survey the school sent out about what you wanted to see the most in your new superintendent to replace Greg Upham. It's no surprise that one of the main concerns was school safety, for obvious reasons. Staff recruitment was another so that obviously came from current school employees. The other concerns were teacher retention, mental health services, and fiscal responsibility, the Gazette reported.

It surprises me that there was no concern about the school curriculum and the falling proficiency ratings of the students in math and reading.

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Whoever is picked, the challenges they face could take years to correct. Hopefully, the candidate will not make this just a short stint in order to get the final years they need before retirement. Someone who is ahead of the game and can head off any further problems that are coming down the road. And get us back on track with highly educated students ready to become productive citizens with the skills they need to survive in an ever-changing world. We'll see.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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