This is some small town "schiff" right here. Oh my goodness, I have to answer e-mails on a Saturday? In 5 years I'm vested and then I get my "F-U" money from Bozeman. Did you guys see this video of the Bozeman City Manager?

We spoke with Mike Hope, a local businessman and developer in Bozeman. He owns the legendary Rocking R Bar. He says the city manager needs to resign. (More on that below)

I found myself in the awkward position of defending the Bozeman mayor and city commission on Thursday morning. Who does this guy think he is? Noone elected him. Yet, here he is mocking the people of Bozeman, mocking the ELECTED leaders, and also dishing the dirt on just how much money city managers like him are raking in from the taxpayers.

Here's the story Jesse James shared with us on Wednesday: City of Bozeman Issues Response to Controversial Viral Video

He also shared one of the viral videos:


Bozeman City manager Jeff Mihelich flaunts $500k/yr job offer for Austin TX but can't take it because he is close to having "F you" money from being vested in Bozeman. Jeff came here from out of state in 2020
byu/Baselynes inBozeman

So what does Mike Hope have to say about all of this?

Hope: I think quite honestly if the city manager, Jeff Mihelich, if he had any integrity he would resign on his own. There's a real lack of trust through the business community with the city of Bozeman, and he is the problem with that. When he wants to control the city so bad that the planning department or the mayor shouldn't be allowed to talk to developers. Listen- that's the process. That's the process you signed up for. The only way these city commissioners can learn is by asking questions. They shouldn't be rude and treat people badly or anything like that.

Full audio of our chat with Mike Hope is below:

For those who aren't familiar with the Rockin' R- this video gives you a taste. (Plus, that's where I got the screenshot for the above photo)

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