Time for another exciting episode of Farmer Finishers.

It's been another crazy first week back.

Tuesday was election day and Cat Country news was the first news organization in America to call the election on Tuesday. Polls opened at 7 am in Wyoming and at 7:01 we announced Harriet Hageman was the winner over Liz Cheney.

Our Blog post about when all the escalation in crime and the disrespect for the law started brought all the anti-gun kooks out of the closet. We handled that.

Also, a big announcement from the Flakes on Friday morning that after some serious consideration we've decided to continue on the air for another two years. A third-year option is also available if we can do it.

We will hit 35 years in March folks and I have to tell ya this old Right-hander is starting to get tired. We picked up a couple of extra weeks of vacation so that should help.

It's funny because every athlete has to know when it's time to hang them up. I thought we were ready but there are so many questionable things going on right now that the time just wasn't right.

I can't express my gratitude enough to all of you that have listened for so long and supported everything we do. As difficult as it is for me we will continue to press forward and hope for great things for all of us soon.

I'm so grateful for everything that God has given me and this opportunity to be with all of you for another two years is one of them. Here's to good health and hopefully another two great years.

See ya Monday at 5.

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