Those railroad cars could have already been out of the Yellowstone River if the dam government would have just gotten out of the way. We are now waiting for agencies like the EPA and U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the DOT to all collectively make decisions on how to best remove those cars.

Have you ever seen the railroad work? They have their own way of getting things done in a hurry with massive amounts of equipment and manpower to get things up and rolling. They could have already had them out with repairs underway. Here is what I am thinking, they are all trying to figure out how much money in fines and damages each agency is going to get.

Remember when the pipeline broke on the river and fines and damages just kept adding up for the Exxon company for years after? The threat to the river could have already been mitigated if they would just get out of the way. They know how to do it better than Government.

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I have seen this up close so many times with fire and then they bring in Government management teams and it takes longer to get the job done. If it was a threat to the river there would be booms and water boil advisories out for everyone. There isn't.

Let them get the job done and get freight moving again across a country that needs rail for our goods and services. Tell Americans there will be a shortage of toilet paper if they don't let them get the work done. Then s--- will hit the fan...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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