It's not a good look for Mike Cooney's campaign to be the next governor of Montana. His boss can barely even stay awake while Cooney talks about his campaign. It's also not a good look for liberal Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT), who made it clear that he had zero desire to run for the senate until Chuck Schumer told him to run.

Check out the below video, shared by the Montana Republican Party, showing Bullock having a rough go of it:


The Montana Republican Party shared the video, adding:

It's safe to say that the enthusiasm for career bureaucrat Mike Cooney's run for governor is low when his own boss, Governor Steve Bullock, is put to sleep at the prospect of a Governor Cooney.
'While career politician and lifelong bureaucrat Mike Cooney's vision fails to inspire his own party after 44 years in public office, Greg Gianforte's campaign is rooted in optimism of what's to come,' said MTGOP Communications Director Brooke Stroyke. 'As a proven business leader and job creator, Greg is poised to help Montana tap into its full potential - garnering excitement for his campaign that the Montana Democrats envy and are trying desperately to contain.'


As for me, I couldn't tell whether the governor was about to fall asleep, cough, or puke in front of the camera...either way- it looked rough. Or, maybe it's the 'Rona?

Which was worse? The above video where Bullock struggles to stay awake during the Cooney campaign event? Or, when he struggled to name his greatest achievement on the day he launched his presidential campaign?  

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