mike cooney

Dem Gov Candidate Cooney Hit with Maximum Penalty
Here's my reaction to the news. Using taxpayer resources to promote their campaign- why would that be a surprise? Cooney works for a liberal governor who used the state-owned airplane to fly to a Paul McCartney rock concert in Missoula. Liberal Gov. Steve Bullock also wasted more than $300,000 …
Watch Dem and GOP Gubernatorial Debates Here
All of the Republican candidates- U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, State Sen. Al Olszewski, and Attorney General Tim Fox- took part in an hour long GOP debate. Democrat candidates Mike Cooney and Whitney Williams also took part in an hour long debate. You can watch both debates in full below.
What Did They Know, When Did They Know It?
So they basically shut down the university system and declared an emergency on a Thursday, but didn't tell anyone about the Clay Christian/Mike Cooney connection till Saturday? Meanwhile, they allowed indoor arenas to fill full of high school basketball players and fans from all across the stat…