We're in the middle of a stay-at-home order across the state of Montana, we've got people being let out of our jails, we have people losing their jobs, and businesses losing gobs of money right now- and the City of Missoula is worried about some stupid balloons?

That was my reaction when I first saw the Facebook post from a car dealer in Missoula that was shared hundreds of times over the weekend. Wanting to confirm the details of the post, I reached out to Missoula city councilman Jesse Ramos.

Ramos joined us on the radio and confirmed that the City of Missoula is wasting valuable time and resources going after businesses, even in the midst of the coronavirus shutdowns. But it gets worse, says Ramos.

Click here for the full audio.


ICYMI: Peter Christian with KGVO Radio also did a great interview with the car dealer who put up the balloons. Check out the full story here.

(Note- the balloons used in the photo above are stock photos, and not the actual balloons referenced)




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