***Update as of 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday May 25th: The Billings Police Department says this case is being investigated as a Partner Family Member Assault case, according to a Wednesday morning press release.

Two (2) persons of interest, a 25 year old female from St Xavier and a 27 year old female from an unknown town, were identified and are actively being sought by investigators for questioning. There is believed to be a partner family member association between the 31 year old male and the 27 year old female person of interest. Further, it is believed there is some type of association between all parties involved and the crime is not believed to be a random act of violence between unknown parties.

The Billings Police Department (BPD) says investigators are actively investigating the incident. No arrests or charges have yet been filed. Click here for the full press release from the BPD: 21-33946_Robbery_PFMA_05.25.2021

Initial Post: Co. Atty. Investigating Attack on N. Cheyenne Councilwoman

The Yellowstone County Attorney's office is investigating an attack on a Northern Cheyenne Councilwoman in Billings.

According to a GoFundMe page set up on her family's behalf, Northern Cheyenne Tribal Councilwoman Silver Little Eagle (pictured above) was brutally attacked. Had she not been found by relatives, the authors of the GoFundMe page say she likely would have died from her injuries.

The family added this note:

We want to acknowledge and thank all those who have shown their support during this difficult time. We ask that you continue to pray for the physical and spiritual healing of Councilwoman Little Eagle. We also ask that you continue to advocate for justice so that these violent attackers will be arrested and prosecuted.

Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito could not comment on the case due to the ongoing investigation. Twito tells us that his office was briefed on the case last Friday and is working with the Billings Police Department.

The Great Falls Tribune carried a report featuring this added information:

Little Eagle is the 7th generation of Little Wolf and Woodenleg and a descendant of Humpback Woman and Little Eagle, according to a profile of the councilwoman by Western Native Voice. She was part of a historic 2020 Tribal Council election where all five open seats, as well as the Tribal presidency and vice presidency, were filled by women, according to Native Business.

Click here for the full report.

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